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Have the most recent lender statement for your loan(s). Three are included in the low monthly subscription fee.

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It’s exciting that you’re taking steps to pay off your mortgage debt faster. Below is an Interest Savings Chart that you can download for estimation purposes.

Interest savings and early payoff are long term program benefits, but you will see improvement in your home equity in the first six months! What is home equity and why is it important? Home equity is the difference between the value of your home and how much you owe. Home equity is the key to eliminating mortgage insurance and to securing a home equity line of credit. With Pay Down My Debt you can build home equity up to 300% faster!  See our home equity comparison chart.

Mortgage Interest Savings Estimate Chart

*The savings chart is for estimate purposes only. Savings estimates are the interest savings that can be achieved over the life of the loan. The estimates are calculated using the loan amounts and interest rates shown at a 30-year term.