Pay Off Debt Faster

Pay Down My Debt is a Smart Strategy
to help you attain your financial goals


  • Pay off his and her student loans and the sporty hatchback.
  • Own a bungalow with a backyard.

Is your debt load keeping you from moving forward with your life goals? Would you like to really get a handle on all that student loan debt, and pay off your car loan more quickly?


  • Reach 80% LTV faster.
  • Say "so long" to a mortgage

Is your debt load keeping you from accomplishing your goals? Wouldn’t it be awesome to pay your mortgage down to where you don’t have mortgage insurance payments and start building some equity?


  • Retire with no outstanding debt.
  • Get the kids through college with low student loan debt.

Is your debt load keeping you from having a secure retirement? Would you like to really get a handle on your mortgage and other debt? Wouldn't it be great to pay for your children's education without compromising your golden years?

You're Here Because You're Ready to Attack Your Debt.

Whether your approach is tackling the smallest balance first, Debt Snowball, or the highest interest rate first, Debt Avalanche, Pay Down My Debt will automate your payments so you can set it and watch your debt disappear.

Home Mortgage

Car Loans

Student Loans

High Credit Card Balances

If you have a home mortgage, car loan, student loan debt, high credit card balances, or a combination of these, Pay Down My Debt can help. We will work with you – within your budget to build a debt payoff strategy that will save you money, without making drastic changes to your lifestyle. The Pay Down My Debt method is steady and consistent, making a difference you can see in a short period of time.

How Does Pay Down My Debt Work?

Funds to pay your loans are deducted from your account biweekly, or bimonthly and paid according to the terms of each loan.

By setting up smaller, but more frequent automatic debits to pay your loans, Pay Down My Debt reduces the total amount of interest you have to pay.

Your balances decrease faster, so less interest accrues.

Our system makes the equivalent of an extra monthly payment on each loan every year. This also reduces your balance faster, again with less interest going forward. It’s a win-win!

Here’s an example: On a 30-year, $325,000 mortgage at 4% interest, Pay Down My Debt can save you more than $36,000 in interest and pay off your loan 51 months earlier. You save more than four years of mortgage payments – how’s that for money in the bank!


Improve The Health Of Your Credit Rating

When you reduce your total debt, your credit score improves which can translate to a lower interest rate on your next loan. The faster you reduce debt, the faster you can see lower rates.*  If you need to buy a car, or move to a new home in the future, this could make a big difference in your how much interest you pay. That means even more savings for you down the road!

Credit Score and Monitoring Included

Pay Down My Debt also monitors your credit, gives you up-to-date information on your credit score, and provides you with two full credit reports annually. This gives you protection against identity theft, fraud, and errors in your reports. With Pay Down My Debt, you have control over your credit and how to use it!

Pay Down My Debt Works While You Live Your Life

The great thing about Pay Down My Debt is that once you set it up, it runs in the background. There is no forgetting or delaying extra principal payments. Your debt gets paid down faster, your credit score improves* as your balances are reduced, and your financial future looks much brighter!

*These statements assume that no other factors affect your score at that time.


Pay Down My Debt

$9.99 / MONTH
  • 4 Loans/Bills Included
  • Automatic Payments
  • Accelerated Payoff
  • Save Money in Interest
  • Credit Score & Monitoring
  • Kelley Blue Book Vehicle Value Monitoring
  • Automotive Recall Alerts from Edmunds
  • Debit Reminders
  • Accelerated Payment Alerts

A Great Value That More Than Pays For Itself

Pay Down My Debt costs only $9.99 per month for the payment service, credit score, credit monitoring, vehicle value monitoring from Kelley Blue Book, and vehicle recall monitoring. You can include up to three loans.  Additional loans are $1.00 per month. Your interest savings every month should be way more than what Pay Down My Debt costs. Pay Down My Debt really does pay for itself – and then some!*


*Though this is true in most cases, it is not a guarantee. Please see all terms, conditions and calculations and decide what is best for you.

What We Are

Pay Down My Debt is a automated payment service that takes the pain out of the paying off debt. Our service is great for people who are taking charge of their debt payoff with a DIY debt management program, or have already refinanced or consolidated their debt and now want to accelerate the payoff. We also help people pay off “good debt” like home mortgages, faster.

What We Are Not

Pay Down My Debt is not a financial institution and does not consolidate your debt. We are also not a debt management program. We simply apply smart financial strategies – and then automate them – to reduce your outstanding balances far faster than would normally happen. We do all this without disrupting your current borrowing relationships, or incurring additional lending fees. It’s the easy solution!

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